Flower Bags

Tus flores frescas en un formato diferente. Selecciona la bolsa de flores qué más se adapte a tu estilo y regala tus flores de forma distinta.

Nuestra forma de trabajar

Seleccionamos las flores frescas y componemos tu flower bag de manera artesanal tallo a tallo creando una composición floral espectacular.Enviaremos tu flower bag siempre con un soporte con agua para que tus flores lleguen lo más frescas posibles y con la dedicatoria que hayas querido añadir.
Fiore flowers

Each garden is the mirror of your house

Gardens are sacred spaces to us New Yorkers. Whether we are sprucing up a tree pit, filling up a terrace or creating a rooftop escape, we value every inch of space. We source long lasting pottery, native and exotic perennials and loads of blooming annuals.

Our landscape designers are eager to work on any size garden design and our expert landscapers are thorough and well educated to make sure your garden continues to thrive. Our greenhouse on site allows us to house large trees and an endless variety of plants. You’ll be enjoying a lemonade on your lush garden terrace in no time!